It was such a mistake to play Leonard Cohen all morning yesterday. Such a beautiful mistake. He got in my head. Shoveled over me with his guts and power and voice— “his” words sat with “mine” for a while. Just recalling it is stunning my brain on this morning of our first snow. The snow lightens up the place. The trees whirl but the evening sky is mourning ‘what was.’ As night passes, everything is different. Me too. As soon as I’m not looking elsewhere, change is a blunt instrument scrubbing off the top layer of my “reasons.” 

It seems a time when my individual solitude is joining others experiencing individual solitude. It is not something we do for a reason. “For no reason” is the way of the soul, a way in which even mistakes become blessing.

That was yesterday.

Today I woke to: “Don’t go out to get anything. Be present for the coming.”


We are speaking of an opening in time itself and a movement, a swirling movement, coming in. . . “Mirari,” 132-33


We are speaking of . . . receptivity. Its availability for all that is coming in the way of The New. “Mirari,” 148


You have felt this time coming. 

ACOL T4.9.5