Bring The New Into Being

with ACIM OE and ACOL



Be very still an instant. 

Come without all thought of what you ever learned before and put aside all images you made. The old will fall away before the new without your opposition or intent.

(Txt. 31.32 ACIM OE)


What makes more sense? To choose to try again what others have tried and failed to accomplish? Or to choose to leave behind the old and choose a new way, a way in which you become the accomplished, and in your accomplishment bring the new into being? (ACOL P.17)


The old is in ACIM 12 times. The New 18 times.


The old is in ACOL 109 times. The New 364.


Last year, I walked through Holy Week here with you. This week, my contemplation has been different and all the more startling to me. I have, for the first time, been given to consider, in an historical way, the words I use continuously to describe the movement we are set upon: the movement from the old to the new.

In ACIM OE’s Text, 30.1 Jesus says, 

“The new beginning now becomes the focus of the curriculum.”

In ACOL’s Day 36.6, 8 & 9) Jesus says, 


“This is where you begin again.

Begin again with the Self you now know yourself to be.”


“The old reality was that of separation. The new reality is that of union. It is new only in that it has gone uncreated. . . . This is starting over with the realization that you can give yourself a new set of circumstances and a new world by creating it as your experience.”


From ACIM OEs Workbook (W1:75.3):

“[W]e offer thanks for the passing of the old and the beginning of the new.”

And from ACOL’s Addendum (A.44 & 46) 


“For each, being Who You Are will be an expression of unity and oneness

  1. that only you are able to express. As each expresses who they are being in unity and relationship, creation of the new will proceed and wholeness and healing 
  2. renew the world in which you live. 
  3. “This is where you begin again. Begin again with the Self you now know yourself to be.” ACOL.36.6




From the Apostle Paul


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation

The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

Corinthians 5:17 (ESV)


Wishing you a blessed season of rebirth and renewal. As the world is reborn around us in this season of spring, let us too, renew our desire to Be and to Create The New.