This dialogue is going on all around you

. . . this is your invitation to participate in this dialogue. No matter where you are, no matter what concerns you still hold within your heart, no matter what questions are emanating from your mind, they will be met with a response.~ A Course of Love

Dialogue and the Power of Us



The world is in dialogue. The universe is as well. Why is it that we are the last to realize that dialogue is the connective tissue that binds us together? This dialogue happens every second of our lives, supporting who we are meant to be. It comes in ways we may have not considered: via the wind, from the sun pointed to plants pushing upwards from the ground, to a glance at a stranger that moved into a smile. And from our hearts to one another, words unspoken, are these messages transmitted. This is what we know we can do deep down, and it comes naturally.

A Course of Love is the exact springboard during this moment in time heralding movement into the demonstration of true dialogue. It is the recognition of what it means to somehow, without a plan or course of action, be ourselves, meeting in the middle, creating together when we share. 

Gone are the days when you had to figure life out. Gone are the days when you had to hide your true self out of fear that you would not be accepted, least of all by yourself. Gone are the days of disconnected hearts that pound in our chests, wishing against hope that we can be known. With this new courage, we reveal who we are, not alone, but with the assistance of others in union with us. As you are more YOU, others are exponentially more themselves.

We have kidded ourselves, thinking the benefits of living came from doing it alone, somehow proving a false, ridiculous idea, that this made something of us. This clever slight-of-hand of being alive, alone, could not be further from the truth. It is only in union with another that we find who we are. This connectivity has always been there, but we have turned blind eyes, and struggled on. To what end?

The loss of our creative spirits, by this soldiering onward, has reached the outer realms of what hurts us the most. And it shows up everywhere in this world. From news reports, to extreme polarization, to emptiness. 

Yet, this power, the Power of Us, is here. And it is found, nurtured, and loved in what it means to be in relationship and dialogue as the creators Jesus says that we truly ARE. We all need to be known. 

Let’s start here, right now. This minute.

~Mary Love

Dialogue in Motion Continued…

It is only in union with another that we find who we are.