The reading we do can be among the greatest change agents of our lives, whether it’s of “holy” writing, environmental warnings, or great literature.

Since writing “Memoria,” many memories have been swirling around in me. Some are memories of life events I’d long forgotten. Others are revelations. This morning, I began to feel I had something I want to say about memory! It’s this:

– “If you let yourself dwell in memory, you will be surprised!”

I’ve found that reawakened memories start something in me – much in the same way that reading does. Memories can send you down a road once traveled and deliver you to a new location. 

What we’ve read also becomes a “memory” of what we’ve read. It’s not only in the book anymore. It’s in you now. Whether you have good recall or not, it’s not outside of you. From the inside, your memory continues to bring forth not only scenes and themes of your life, but phrases of wisdom and verses of poetry. 

Memory roams continents and zeros in like a pinprick of light.

Memories expand and contract like our breathing and our birthing. 

Personified into a ‘she,’ “Memoria,” brings nuances and expands our themes from the inside out. In her wake, we have greater access and understanding of our inner knowing.

Memory is like unity. Even when we don’t know it – it is there.

“Joined as one being on the physical plane, there is restoration – restoration to union.” Creation of the New

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