Musings will offer contemplations from Mirari: The Way of the Marys from now until Easter Monday.


Palm Sunday

Yeshua’s life came in the fulfillment of scripture, which is to say that what comes forth prophetically “comes to pass.” Let this reassure you that what we bring forth prophetically here will come to pass . . . and pass on into the living. 


On this day that you celebrate, your brother was greeted with “Blessed be the Lord” even though he rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey rather than on the horse of a king. Nothing was planned, but everything happened as it did to fulfill the prophecies of those who dared to speak of what was said unto them from the dimension of time outside of time. “Here” we witnessed to prophecy as it became “the truth” in the physical, the world of time. It became “the truth” in the way of fulfillment of scripture “as it happened.” And even among the unschooled, the symbolism was powerful enough to cause a quickening. It is powerful enough in you. 

Mirari: The Way of the Marys, P.185-6

The way the people moved to fulfill scripture was to specifically reveal “the written word of truth.” The way has now become open for prophet and scribe to be one, and for the holiness of the Word to be seen again. Like your remembrance of the words Jesus gave you: “Not a thing of beauty but beauty itself,” the Word is not a thing of meaning but the Word itself. The Word is revealed when it becomes “the truth itself”—when it comes to pass, and in the way it comes to pass—not with “intention” but with “attention.” With the coming, the quickening itself. Mirari, P. 187

When I accept the words of Jesus and Mary as revealed truth, I know that The Word has come to make known, in this time, what is here, what is coming, and what is asked of us. And I know it has to do with accepting who we are “in the flesh” as well as who we are when loosed of the bounds that have defined what that means. Held apart from the Holy, situated in “this time,” and dissuaded from accepting the fullness of who we are being, we cannot create a new future. As Jesus spoke twenty years ago as I received the chapter on The Embrace, I know I continue to be loosed of bounds. We continue and continue . . . until we see . . . that we are free to be more than we have thought ourselves to be.


You are loosed of bounds, no longer a thing of beauty, but beauty itself.


 “Thingness” is over, and your identity no longer stands in form but flows from life itself. Your beauty is the gathering of the atoms, the order in chaos, the silence in solitude, the grace of the cosmos. Our heart is the light of the world.


We are one heart.


We are one mind. One creative force gathering the atoms, establishing the order, blessing the silence, gracing the cosmos, manifesting the light of the heart. Here we live as one body, experiencing communion, the soul’s delight, rather than otherness. It is a seamless world, a tapestry where each thread is vibrant and strong. A canticle where each tone is pure and indivisible. 


ACOL C:20.3-6



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