And the Greatest Gift


My next posts will be from within my Sabbatical. They are pre-written offerings from A Course of Love, Mirari, and even Memoria, on being “who you are.”


I am taking time to celebrate, rest, and complete Memoria’s transition from a manuscript to a book you can hold in your hands. It won’t be far into the new year that it will be available. I will be back after my birthday (February 18) in the week of February 20th.

You could do a great service to Memoria’s opening sales if you were to give a copy of Mirari to someone you know this Christmas. Most people won’t read a Book II until they’ve read Book 1! And new readers won’t have to wait in anticipation for another book like the first.

Another wonderful gift you could offer me, if you haven’t already, is to write an Amazon Review. Reader reviews make a powerful difference. People feel drawn to a book, so often, by knowing the impact it had on another. 


I hope you will enjoy my continued weekly offerings on being who you are. Being who you are is the greatest gift you can give anyone! I feel blessed by each of you who have shared “who you are” with me.

With gratitude and love,

Mari Perron