I have often related that when A Course of Love was done, and I asked Jesus, “What am I to do now?” he said I was to “Be a companion to those willing to leave hell behind.” I had expected a more utilitarian answer, but always loved his use of the word “companion.” I wasn’t so sure about “hell.” Over time, “hell” became associated, in my mind, with “the ego,” as what could be more hellish, really, that not being who we are?

I’ve thought this question and its answer came after the entirety of A Course of Love was done, but now I’ve come to see that it came after the first book was complete. (Remember, I didn’t know, at that time, if more would be coming.)

As an aside here….

Only after the combined volume was published did it seem odd that the first book was named A Course of Love. When first received, the thought was that his “was” the course. When the Treatises were first published (in a separate volume) they were named, The Treatises of A Course of Love, and likewise The Dialogues were named “The Dialogues of A Course of Love.”


This is one of the few pieces of writing that remains from 2001. The old computers from that time are long gone and the disk from 2001 was corrupt. How lucky I was (and we are) that the rest of these old, square, disks were able to be transferred and preserved.

You will also note that Jesus calls me, here, by my given name “Margaret.” He continued to do so until 2017! At the time of this writing, all four treatises were complete, and The Dialogues had not yet begun.



Dear Jesus,

I’m beginning to see the necessity of all your warnings within the new treatise of being accepting and devoted to all, no matter what their choices. I’m also beginning to see that I can be accepting and devoted to all, and still find that my job lies with those willing to leave hell behind. I am not to minister to those in hell.


This can be referenced back to guidance I recently gave you, Margaret, in our discussion regarding the space around you and how you have grown in a way that extends the space you occupy far beyond the space of your body. As you learn of the power of your Self and of this space, you will begin to understand that this is the beginning of the creation of an end to time.


While difficult to explain, it is part of the reason that you were told so explicitly to leave the old behind. You might think of yourself as a dot in the pool of the universe. Within this dot is the beginning of the creation of no time. As it extends, it extends the area of no time just as it extends the area of no learning. It is essential for you and all who come to the new with hearts willing to leave hell behind, to be where you are…at the center of creation of the new. You do not have to understand this to be this or to do this. You just need to leave the old behind…to not step out of the circle of the new.


Is it non-compassionate to be a center of peace in a world of chaos? Would it be helpful for you to leave your peace to engage in chaos? Is it non-compassionate to be certain in a world of uncertainty . . .Would it be non-compassionate to be a center of heaven in the midst of hell?


This is the way, the only way, that you can be of assistance to those still unwilling to leave hell behind. You can be of assistance by being who you are. By “not” engaging, and by not reverting to the ways of old. This is all.


For those willing to leave hell behind you become companions. . . to one another and to me. You follow the light of the path that is revealed to you, for you struggle no more in the darkness. You allow yourselves to live in the light. You allow yourselves the joy of traveling home on the path of the new. You allow that your way is sure and do not worry about your own way or that of others. You remember that you are not here to fix the old but to create the new as you travel toward it. You share all that you encounter on the path in joy and love.


This will mean “letting others be” to a greater extent than you have heretofore been comfortable with. Remember that this is an attitude of trust and not in any way a slight that you extend to anyone. It is an attitude of respect and acceptance for all others within the embrace…including your Self. All you must be vigilant of is not “separating” others from yourself. Be devoted to all to be of service to all. Love them as they ARE and know that you are one and that your unity will be revealed.


What are you to do? Do what brings you joy. Express your joy. Share your Self. Thus do you extend your Self and in this extension create the new. . . This is all creation of the new is about. It is about extension of the Self you truly are. The extension of the perfection of creation.


(I was amazed to find, in reading this, the reference to “spaciousness” and “the circle” that were not made elsewhere until the “days” of The Dialogues. The first mention of “creation of the new” had been made in the Third Treatise: A Treatise on the Personal Self.


As per usual, this selection was slighted edited.)