But tell me truly now, is your desire to serve, truly of that old way of ministry or is your desire more a desire for companionship. Go ahead, look up the word.

Companion: one who eats of the same bread, a person who associates with or accompanies another, to be with.

Oh, my dear Jesus. This is so the desire. TO BE WITH. TO ACCOMPANY, TO EAT OF THE SAME BREAD. Oh, how lovely.

Oh, My God. This is so beautiful. So perfect. To be companions. Nothing would suit me more, nothing would suit my own nature, the way I feel myself to be, more than to be a companion. To be a companion and to have companions. Is this really what I get to do?

This is really what you get to do.

This is but another demonstration of our mutual gratitude. You are my companion too, and I am as grateful for your companionship as you are for mine. The time has finally arrived for our true companionship to begin. I say, “to begin” only because your acknowledgment is only now occurring, your realization that this is what has happened, is happening, and will happen, is only now, in this present moment, occurring.

My beloved companion, my gratitude for this additional gift knows no bounds.


In unity and relationship, we never reflect back “the worst” but we reflect back the “truth.” This is what all your recent demonstrations have been about. They were reflective of impatience, the impatience so many of you are feeling with untruth, pretense, situations unresolved. How long do you let things go on? It’s not that situations need “fixing” but that they need, at times, the light of truth. Sometimes, this light of truth comes as a bit of a shake-up in the status quo. Remember always what Mary remembers when she thinks of me…that I was a revolutionary. I never ceased shaking up the status quo. Sometimes this can be done gently, but sometimes it cannot.

So, am I shaking up the status quo with you and Mary? What do you think? Do you both not feel it is time to stop messing around and get on with things?

You, particularly know that it is time to get “unstuck” a situation that is “stuck.” It is not time to look back and think you should have done this sooner. It is time to stand firm in the perfection of this time as the time that it is happening. What was stuck is coming unstuck. You are serving in an unsticking capacity, even while you feel things are moving too slowly. If you must look back, see only the lightning speed with which things have moved this year. Know that this will continue. Once the adhesive, the attachments are removed, events will flow even faster. Gentleness will be able to return.

See your thoughts not as negative but as revolutionary. This will cheer you and keep your thoughts from running toward the maudlin. Realize also that you want to depend on others to guide you at a time when it is essential that find your own ability to guide the course of your live and the Course.


Being a revolutionary is being a change agent…that by which something gets done. It is not everyone’s way. It’s not just about “thinking about it.” It’s about doing something about it. Whatever it is. Whatever it is, large or small, you feel compelled to change.

Change is seen as something to fear. It is seen as a threat. It IS a threat to the status quo, to whatever you as an “agent of change” are about to bring change to. Yet threat is association with meaning to do harm. Since you mean to do no harm, but only to change, the perception of threat as harmful is really only a perception of fearfulness…fearfulness, perhaps that harm will come about from the change, but only because change is so often seen as inherently harmful.

Do you seek to do harm? Is being honest ever about harm? Is being truthful ever about wanting to inflict harm? Many fear being truthful about what others may take as harmful. The truth is not always easy to speak or to hear, but it is always a necessary starting point.

Being a true revolutionary is about being clear of the change you want to see brought about, and the reasons for it. . . . It is as simple as unity versus separation. Your stand on this was made clear to you. It must be the foundation on which you build your clear vision and dissipate all clouds of doubt.