On Dialogue and Original Intent


Usually (as you’ve seen if you looked at 1999 or 2018) I have some preamble to my conversations with Jesus. If there was any, in relation to this first message being shared from 2002, it is not presenting itself to be found at this time!

To place these selections into context, I share a little to start you off.

In 2002, I had finished all of the “text” that is now in A Course of Love’s combined volume. A Course of Love (the first book) had been published by New World Library. The Treatises were beginning to be produced by my partner of the time, Dan Odegard, through Prodigal Press. I had completed The Dialogues about six months prior but was so enamored by it that I was not ready to release the material. I was doing the editing myself, and would eventually produce the first edition myself. I was also starting the first dialogue group.

I like these brief messages because of the emphasis on dialogue and original intent, and have copied some selections from A Treatise on the New to compliment the more obscure theme that is original intent. These offerings follow the dated writings from Jesus.

Also included is a message received for a friend during the same period. It is shared with permission. Whenever I would get these, they would be like my own in feeling that the “message” also impacted me and was universal. I’ve also included references from ACOL that relate to this message.

I note, as well, that my given name is “Margaret” and that Jesus addressed me that way until 2017…another period when I was moving into a new way of being! Remember…with A Course of Love…movement never ends!

The “Mary” referred to is Mary Love.





You are still waiting for a movement into emotion or deep feeling. What you are not recognizing is that your heart is beginning to “think.”  As the wholehearted, you have combined mind and heart and you no longer have feelings segregated from the peace of your source. You think this cannot be so because you have had feelings of anger and frustration, but these have merely led you back to source and original intent. Your original “self” is at peace with the feelings of deep love and connection and purpose beginning to fill you. You are in the midst of repatterning your entire being back to its original intent and original self. As within, so without.


You have listened and not approached the work of your heart in the old way. You have not been in a hurry.  You have not “gone along” with what is not of you. You continue to be drawn to origin, to source. You have agreed, finally to be the keeper or holder of original intent.


With this acceptance you accept being cause and you accept your creatorship.  Now you move into a new realm.  Led by your heart, you will open to sharing what needs to be shared.  The extraneous will fall away. You will keep your own council. 


This is the purpose of the embrace of the close council of particular soul friends. You are resistant because this feels contradictory, but quit resisting, and you will see the wisdom of what I am hoping to convey to you. You need the friends with whom you can share anything. You are also moving into a realm in which you share what is needed. You claim original intent and you share original intent. This is the nucleus of the “public” life you have resisted and are just beginning to prepare for. 


There are those, in other words, with whom you “work the process” and those with whom you will simply share what you have claimed.  This, you think, is not “ideal” but we have thrown out ideals now and work with what is.  “Working the process” you think, is what leads to more.  This is true.  It will lead to many original intentions.  This is expansion.  But you must understand what is simply true.  There are those with whom you will work the process directly and those with whom you will claim and share so that the process expands even while new original intentions are being created. This is pass through of a higher order.


As you saw in your dream of last night, who you are is different today than yesterday.  Two days ago, frustration was leading you back to original intent. Now you are at original intent.


Now you are at the true beginning point. 


It is all original intent, Margaret.  All that is coming to you now is from original source.  All that is coming to you now is original thought.  There is quite simply a difference between original intent you have claimed, and original intent you have not yet claimed.  There is a difference between sharing what you know and sharing what you are coming to know. Your dear Mary has always said, “Share what you know, write about what you know.” Yet it is with this same dear Mary that you share what you don’t yet know and thus come to know. This is the alchemy of dialogue.  The realm of the “high” council. 


You are drawing this to you now because you need it.  You need to “be it.”  You need to “be” original intent. You need others who see you as original intent.  You need to be in the world as original intent. You need this so that you can see it reflected back to you. You need a place to be what you are as well as a place to be what you are becoming. See? (Principle and process.) Having a place to be who you are in terms of original intent anchors you in that original intent. It also anchors that original intent in the world. This is where what you claim is shared and thus can be claimed and shared by others and extended in many new ways. The purpose remains original intent. Being original intent and manifesting original intent, making original intent observable in the world by being the observed.


You need “contact” now and even desire contact with those who are claiming and sharing their original intent. Your “process self” needs this.  Thus, as you are cause, it will come to be.  Do not be afraid of these opportunities when they arise.  Do not be afraid they will arrive too soon.  Welcome what you need to be who you are, and you welcome what you need to be original intent, and to extend original intent.


This too is the realm of being and doing as one. Be who you are, and you will be being who you are becoming. These two places eventually merge. They join. This is the further joining you seek.


So, what happens in dialogue?  What happens in dialogue is that you be who you are, to be what you are becoming. This is the place of joining. To be what you are becoming is the only way to be.



A Jesus message on Gestation:



 Gestation or incubation is its own state and exists for its own purpose.  It can be entered again when needed for another rebirth of self or for the rebirth of a new creation or idea.  But it must be left, allowed to end, in order for emergence to happen.  Gestation is very personal, very individual, very private, at times lonely, at times intimate.  It is the known that is clung to.  But there is nothing to fear from emergence.  It can be taken at her own pace.  She has no need to expect herself to bloom overnight.  She can grow and bud and unfold slowly as she accepts what is given while continuing to give as she receives.  Accepting what is given for herself does not mean she will fail to give as she receives only that she will have more to give.  Tell her this.


You’re not becoming what you’re going to be but being what you’re becoming.  The infant is being what it is becoming.  It does not exist in a state of becoming, but as a being, in a state of being. 


Gestation is like unto the time of becoming being. It is where the seeds of creation are readied for sprouting. The gestating look out from a within vantage point. In birthing they join with what was looked out upon. Gestating is like looking in a mirror and seeing not the self but a reflection of the self. The self is still within looking out. The self is not “out” yet. Looking out from its within vantage point it sees much and has much to give. It is because it sees not itself that it gives less to self. The gestating one is taken care of by its parent self, sometimes nurtured, sometimes scolded. The parent self can become depleted as gestation goes past its “due date.”  It’s energy for the gestation process wanes. The one gestating has less to draw upon and goes deeper.  It finds the richness in the marrow. The birthing process becomes more precarious as the parent self is depleted. The birthing process can become inevitable when this depletion reaches a certain point. Has this not been your pattern?  Would you not like to make the choice for a new pattern?


Remember that you can return when the parent self is rejuvenated.  The parent self will be rejuvenated through the joy of what she has given birth to.  What she gives birth to will take care of her if allowed the chance to grow and mature.  This, too, is giving and receiving as one.





I am here at 1:30 in the afternoon for my “morning” meditation, waiting for chocolate chip cookie bars to cool so I can cut them, my last cut and wrap job before going into the shop [my family’s coffee shop] for the sale.  I feel the need to be here for a short while before I go forth as who I am being into my day.


You are wondering if what you discussed with Mary last night negates what we so recently discussed here. You are wondering if you can trust this voice of self.  Let’s put it this way: you are coming to know what you need to know from the one voice and the many.  Why should it be any other way?  Why should one negate the other?


These are your first dialogues with me, your first dialogues with others, and the time of the manifestation of The Dialogues.  Do you hear only one voice still?  Trust only one voice still?  Will you trust the wise council of all the voices who share this time with you?  Will you trust and still hold original intent?  Can you trust other voices and your own?  Can you remain open while holding original intent?


You do not want to look ahead, but you were called to look to the beginning of all these dialogues coming together…because in the beginning is the original intent set for what will come into being. In other words, as you are being what you are becoming, so are these things you are creating. “The Dialogues” [of the book] are being what they are becoming, and the [spoken] dialogues are being what they are becoming. They are not, any of the various dialogues, in a state of becoming, but in a state of being. They already are. Original intent has created them already.  This is what you are good at, where you excel.  Now what?  Doesn’t holding original intent sound better than attempting to control what already is?




Related quotes on “original intent” and “claiming,”  from A Course of Love


“Original Intent” from A Treatise on the New


“The personal self is still in need of being elevated—elevated to its original nature—by its original nature or intent. The devotion of the observant will return you to your original purpose. The vision of Christ-consciousness will take you beyond it.


“Original intent has everything to do with the nature of things for original intent is synonymous with cause. The original intent of this chosen experience was the expression of the Self of love in observable form. This original intent or cause formed the true nature of the personal self capable of being observed in relationship. The displacement of the original intent, while it did not change the original cause, formed a false nature for the personal self. This displacement of the original intent can be simply stated as the displacement of love with fear. It is as simple as that. Yet the way in which each of you have interpreted this displacement has come to seem quite complex.


“You may not feel that you have ever intended to live in fear. But the displacement of the original intent was so complete that each life has begun with fear and proceeded from this beginning continually reacting to fear. While the original intent remained within you and caused you to attempt to express a Self of love despite your fear, fear has thwarted your every effort and caused the very effort that has continued the cycle of fear. To have to try to be who you are and to express who you are is the result of the displacement of the nature of love with the nature of fear. What we now are about is reversing this displacement and returning you to your true nature.” T4:3.3-3.5


Claiming (From the Course and Dialogues)


“You claim in order to reclaim your Self.” C:29.22


“[A]fter learning to disclaim all that you have called your “own,” you are now given the task of claiming your power as your own.” Day 14.6



Related to the message on Gestation

Rebirth (From A Treatise on the Art of Thought)


“The first union is union with the Self. This union with the Self is resurrection or rebirth. All are capable of this life-giving union. All are capable of birthing the Self. But what then of the necessary act of giving and receiving? In this birth of the Self, who is the giver and who is the receiver? In order for the Self to be birthed, giving and receiving must be one in truth.” T1:9.2-8


Becoming and Being (As found in Learning in the Time of Christ)


“Do not be afraid now to be who you are. Do not think you need to be something different, something other than you have been. Leave all thinking behind. Leave all notions of being better, smarter, kinder, more loving behind. Realize that these were all thoughts and notions of becoming. If you hang on to them, your being will not have the chance to realize and make real it’s being. You will be different, only if you allow and will yourself to realize and make real this difference. It is a difference between becoming and being. It is all the difference in the world. It is the difference between separation and differentiation in union and relationship.” E:20


Seeds (As found in the Second Treatise)


“The seeds of creation exist in everything and provide for continuing creation. Thus the seeds of all that you can express exist “within” you, in the creation that is you. The power of creation is released through your choice, your willingness to express that aspect of creation. It is quite literally true that the seeds of much of creation lie dormant within you, already accomplished but awaiting expression in this realm of physicality. In this same way, then, Christ can be seen as the seed of your identity.” T2:3.7-8


“This holy relationship is what you are called to cultivate as a gardener cultivates her garden. The gardener knows that although the plant exists fully realized within its seed, it also needs the relationship of earth and water, light and air. The gardener knows that tending the garden will help it to flourish and show its abundance. The gardener knows she is part of the relationship that is the garden. A true gardener believes not in bad seeds. A true gardener believes not that she is in control. A true gardener accepts the grandeur that is the garden and finds it beautiful to behold.


“This metaphor is akin to acceptance of the holy relationship. It is acceptance of what occurs with the joining of many factors, one no more important than another. While the Christ in you has been compared to the seed of all you are, what you have had revealed to you here is that the Christ is also the relationship of all that would bring the seed to fruition.” T2:12.9-11