One thing I’ve come to know by receiving what I have in the last twenty-five years, is that what we know we’re meant to do, is a non-choice. It’s a non-choice because it’s a knowing. This is not something we know because we’ve learned it, or heard about it, and consider it a good idea to pursue. This “inborn knowing,” was birthed along with us. Accordingly, it’s a discovery that comes from the inside and is natural and intrinsic. It is “yours.” 


This is innate, or inborn, knowing. To welcome it, giving up an “external” need to know—the way we know in our practical human fashion, is required.


If in doubt, simply be attentive to what appears to be a choice but does not feel like a choice. This will let you see what is, and is not, a compromise to your Self. 


Our own knowing is real and waiting for us to make it a reality. Our true knowing is not a knowing that is learned or grasped, but that is part of us. We may share this path of our knowing with others, but we may also have to leave our companions for a path more solitary. 


To become aware of it at all, we first have had to leave off our insistence upon “what it all means” and accept that something beyond our practical knowing (or meaning) has arrived and become a guiding light.


Then we listen, and make a gesture of faith.


To belong to your life, you don’t go against yourself, but embrace what you know. Your life and your knowing belong to you, they arguably “are” you. When they are one with you, they call out to be shared through you and as you.


The manner of that sharing is the living of your life.

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