To Be Who You Are


As you and I face the challenge it can be to be who we are, there is much in the voices of Jesus and Mary that affirm this desire. One of my posts seems to have touched the chord of how passionate this feels to you as well as me. It may be an unending passion, but why not? Why not devote our lives to this call? It’s just what is being asked of us! To birth the new . . . starting with our very Selves.


So, in this season of the birth, while many of us move through its celebratory atmosphere, we can also take this time to remember that with the birth comes our “birthright.”


“God forsakes no people, but people forsake God when they give away their power and claim not their birthright. Your birthright is simply the right to be who you are, and there is nothing in the world that has the power to take this right from you. The only way you lose it is by giving it away. And this you do.”


From the upcoming “Memoria”:


“Change reveals the luminosity of memory, and memory reveals the glimmering afterglow of change. This mélange of alchemy is the mender of defects, the end of forsaking your birthright . . . It calls you back in the melody your Jesus spoke of:


A tiny glimmering of memory has returned to you and will not leave you to the chaos you seem to prefer. It will keep calling you to acknowledge it and let it grow. It will tug at your heart in the most gentle of ways. Its whisper will be heard within your thoughts. Its melody will play within your mind. ‘Come back, come back,’ it will say to you. ‘Come home, come home,’ it will sing. You will know there is a place within yourself where you are missed and longed for and safe and loved. A little peace has been made room for in the house of your insanity.” *


Quote in italics is from Holy Mary. This passage from “Memoria” includes this quote from . . .

ACOL C:16.23