Are You Ready?

There is no right or wrong within creation but there are stages of growth and change. Humankind is now passing through a tremendous stage of growth and change. Are you ready? ~The Dialogues

Mirari: The Way of the Marys

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Dialogue in Motion

The world is in dialogue. The universe is as well. Why is it that we are the last to realize that dialogue is the connective tissue that binds us together? This dialogue happens every second of our lives, supporting who we are meant to be. It comes in ways we may have not considered: via the wind, from the sun pointed to plants pushing upwards from the ground, to a glance at a stranger that moved into a smile. And from our hearts to one another, words unspoken, are these messages transmitted. This is what we know we can do deep-down and it comes naturally.
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Side x Side

Journeying into the world is something we all do, need to do. This story has been with us since the beginning of time. It is those that we meet along the way that may assist in facilitating the courage to share who we truly are. Life has the opportunity to give back to each of us when this occurs. It is this meeting and opening of hearts that produces a treasure– if we are lucky enough to recognize it and hold dear. Continue…

It is in extension of who you are that you find who you are

The Jesus Chronicles

Keep the Vigil. Bring more light into the world. I began A Course of Love on December 1, 1998 and finished the first book, “The Course” on December 1, 1999. I had not, at that point, had a single “conversation” with Jesus. A little less than a month later, I asked Jesus if he would talk to me, and a few days after that, he did. On New Year’s Day, 2000, he spoke the words that inspired me to start this page: I will keep your vigil. Now keep mine. Keep your candle lit for me. Continue…