It Seemed Like Magic…

Dialogue has always been with me. Always. For years, I wrote one act plays. In high school, I wrote a one act play for my boyfriend at the time–a feeble attempt in letting him know there was a bit of a snafu in our communication. I did not use our names, just the characters “he” and “she”. I felt, in this instance, confronting my boyfriend directly would have him skittering backwards. I had to work magic. That magic was dialogue.

He loved it. And I loved him back. It honestly felt like magic at the time–just from writing my truth and having it received.

Dialogue is a revealer–a revealer that is only completed when done jointly.

I find my words orally–only because I can bypass thought. My words feel more pure, authentic in this way. Others find their words on paper to be shared by those that need to receive them. Both ways work. And there are those that enter dialogue words unspoken when in contact with energy. Yet there has to be an exchange between two–be it people, energy, thought. You have to meet somewhere in dialogue, especially if you desire to move together. This can only arise when we intermingle. When a force field of energy is set in motion, an unspoken agreement to move into relationship.

My father was in the diplomatic service years ago. He told me, “you either enter dialogue or you go to war”. You choose.

I chose alright. I chose dialogue.

What I did not know is I had begun to shape my destiny. A destiny that included relationship and an awareness of the greatness of what it means to be in true dialogue–not the kind of “conversation” you have known as lukewarm chit chat. That leaves me empty. If I am in relationship and choose dialogue– that is my signal –not only to myself but the person with whom I wish to engage–that I want more, I want to discover together, not alone, not separately. Together. There has to be some type of agreement even unspoken. If we travel jointly, we stay together–even if there are bumps in the road of understanding. In fact, that is when it really gets good. When you take chances you are flexing spiritual muscles that yearn and are designed just for these moments. Moments of bridging to get from one side to the next.

Then along comes Mari Perron.

I had written about the concept of combination nearly 22 years ago, and that is exactly what happened to Mari and I. Our combination worked. Right away. Click. We were in. Not only that, but our hearts desired creativity–in differing ways. This fostered a rich appreciation of possibilities. As Mari expanded with her gifts, it gave me courage. Her spiritual writing could knock the socks off of anyone–it was utterly lovely–this was way before A Course of Love. And as I grew, my dialogue expression expanded into illumination to be shared–via video, writing or pure oral expression. Differing delivery systems for both Mari and I. We were each other’s best audiences.

Every week for years, Mari and I met on Wed for coffee. We never called this dialogue but that was what it was. We would bring up what was moving within our hearts and minds for the past week. In fact, often times it would appear that our topics were completely separate situations or ideas. Yet in dialogue, a merging began to happen. We began to move together and go beyond ideas we had separately come up with to creating as one.

The dialogue had become our joint creation.

When I read the Dialogues of A Course of Love, I felt not only relief but a coming Home. The realization of this is how it IS. That all the breadcrumbs leading me from one act plays, to a creative partner in Mari, to ultimate CREATION is what we are designed to be, to do, to what is truth within each of us and more importantly our RIGHT.

When you come Home, you never want to leave. I’ll keep you posted.

-Mary Love