New Search Facilities for Readers of  Mirari: The Way of the Marys and Memoria

Thanks to Colin Strutt, the master of the ACOL and ACIMOE search engines, we now have one for Mirari: The Way of the Marys and one for Memoria.

Rather than recreate the search facility here, Colin has provided a links for each book that takes you directly to this offering. You will find the links to each search engine below the book covers. 

The main way I use it is to track a theme. Say I’m looking at “memory.” I just type in the word “memory” and get to see every reference to that word. A more detailed explanation follows. Below is the “official word” on what this wonderful creation allows:

Discover the books lists all occurrences of a word or phrase along with the context and a link to the paragraph for each.

It also enables you to explore in-depth occurrences of words and phrases in the context of their appearance within the text, yielding a deeper and fuller experience of the message of Mirari: The Way of the Marys.

With the search facility you can also refine a search to locate instances in which a primary search term is accompanied by a secondary search term within the same paragraph.

If you haven’t yet used this means of discovery, let me tell you that it is easy—effortless really—and it reveals riches. You can find a search facility for A Course of Love on the Center for A Course of Love website here:

Also, a tab entitled CoRelate ACIMOE-ACOL allows searches for A Course of Love and A Course of Miracle’s Original Edition:

The Center is a nonprofit organization that supports my outreach, your exploration of these great works, and furthers new works such as Mirari: The Way of the Marys and the two additional books of Mary that will make this a trilogy.

It always thrills me to no end when people share their gifts with me. Colin and Christina have been exceptional in this way.

I am also providing a link to Christina Strutt’s Cocreating Clarity website, which is, like Christina herself, an abundance of wisdom shared with discernment, but with no exclusivity or partiality of source. All are welcome to browse her wide-ranging sharing that covers many years and diverse and numerous ways of knowing.