Finding Who You are in Dialogue

There have been questions about how dialogue shows up for those that have read A Course of Love and The Dialogues.

You mean there is no topic?

No, no topic.

You mean there is no study?

Dialogue is not a study group experience.

Dialogue is an interaction, a merging in discovery. Dialogue is a creation experience—and one done together. No one is led or taught in dialogue. You hold space for what is to come. Once experienced, dialogue belongs to all that merged together—and only in joint creation can union begin to take form. Not only are you heard and elevated by simply being who you are, but others are elevated in union as well, with their contributions, and revealing who they truly are. After joining together in dialogue, you leave exponentially expanded in the joy of discovery and creation. 

A part of wholeness that you could not claim, in living in the past, is the gift of the New and the emergence of the End of Learning. ~ Mary Love