We Create From the Field of the Possible

We Create From the Field of the Possible

As we become individuated beings in union and relationship, we continuously create one another. We create from the field of the possible which must include everything. (Day 39)*

What lies beyond the possibilities we once knew? The spirituality we once knew? What lies beyond the relationships we’ve had with each other and the world? What lies ahead when we we’ve truly created a relationship with the holy? What is before us when we’ve entered the time of unlearning and undoing? When we’ve “really” quit planning? What summons us when we receive instead of plan so that we can give instead of organize?* What awaits us when we accept the promise always there in A Course in Miracles? The promise beyond the ego that is extended in A Course of Love? The promise that lies in the beyond within us and without us?


Do you not realize yet, that this is what we do and who we are? That we are creators? That we think, feel, know, and create. Creation is the manifestation of all we think, feel, know and come to know. Because we are constantly creating, we are constantly coming to know anew. This is eternity. A being in time wants to be known in time but can only be known in eternity. You now are the bridge between time and eternity. 


We enter, and create, from the field of the possible. And the possible is vaster than we ever realized. This field is both within us and without us.


a course of loveThe new doesn’t happen to us. The new arises from us. It lies in the holy relationship we have with every breath of life. It is you and me, it is “us” who are to be creators of the new.


It is “as we individuate” in union and relationship, as we feel, and know our being in relationship, that we create from the field of the possible.


(See Treatise 2, Chapter 12, Day 39:47-48, ACIM: W1:135.23)