Musings will offer contemplations from Mirari: The Way of the Marys from now until Easter Monday



In Mirari, I ask:

“What am I to see in today’s Easter?


Mary responds, “Gentleness, my child. Gentleness is what is most in need of being seen after the exceptional harshness that has been. Crucifixion or gentleness? The rending of the veil has come. There is contact by the blessed One known to live beyond the veil of death. What do we do now?” P. 233

Now the sense of “we are one” becomes acute. There is no separation at this time of separation. 

What Miriam knew was that it was her place to attend to her beloved soul mate. Even she had not foreseen him being taken from her or being returned to her in such a way.

Slowly, it would dawn on us, that the ability to transcend death was greater than the ability to escape death. P. 234

As soon as I saw him, I knew that, even with the foreknowledge he was given, and although he was willing, he had not expected to suffer and die as he did.  . . .


For a few days, he retained that human vulnerability. I wept for him. Oh, my Habibie. P.245


It is not new to me, but dawns on me again, that my human vulnerability, and that of Jesus, are to be cherished. I remember that I can call more “beloved.” I envision myself weeping freely and being true to love. 

From A Course of Love:


And thus I say to you, Amen. You have returned to Love, and your relationship with Love has returned you to your Self. Think not. This Course requires no thought and no effort. There is no prolonged study and the few specific exercises are not required. This Course has succeeded in ways you do not yet understand and have no need to understand. These words have entered your heart and sealed the rift between your mind and heart. Be true to love and you cannot fail to be true to your Self. C:32.4


Wishing you a beloved day of being true to love.



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