Musings will offer contemplations from Mirari: The Way of the Marys from now until Easter Monday.


Holy Wednesday


Few in the swell of tragedy, can call the heart outward enough to ease a dread not their own. This Miriam of Magdala did, at the last hour that such was able to penetrate the pall of death. 

Foreknowledge of a loved one’s death calls forth the same loosening of the ties that bind “to form,” and this is what she, whom you know as Mary Magdalene, and she alone, could greet with a vision of connection beyond death that would be real and present in life. 

With this vision, she was able to care for her beloved with tenderness, and to pre-dress the wounds he would take into his death with him. She blessed the crown of his head, the back of his hands and the top of his feet. If not for decorum she would have blessed the place where the sword would enter . . .

From Mirari: The Way of The Marys, P.206

I wonder if there is a way that “the Marys” pre-dress our wounds with the words and feeling within “Mirari.” Perhaps the Marys call attention to the hurts we may never have acknowledged, or, admitted only in private. I savor the idea that this may be so, and that future wounds common to life are made more bearable as well. I wonder if it could be that it is such acknowledgment that draws our hearts outward and allows us to see the wounds of others as well as our own.



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