Musings will offer contemplations from Mirari: The Way of the Marys from now until Easter Monday.


Holy Monday


On this day, Holy Monday, Yeshua first cleansed the Temple before he would speak the holiest of words there. The holiest of words proclaim the God who is Here. 


I was in the courtyard, and from there I could hear the clattering of tables and of coins, and of Yeshua’s raised voice. Moneychangers fled and a steady stream of the blind and lame began to enter the temple and to emerge healed. I was startled by this, and disquieted. Joyful for the cured and fearful for Yeshua.


On our return to Bethany, I could barely move my feet. We kicked up dust.

Mirari: The Way of the Marys, P. 195


I envision Mary’s disquiet as she left Jesus, and remember the times when I “knew” something “was not right” but could not admit it to myself. My body would respond even before I had taken in the truth of the situation. I remember that my body is a helpmate in this life journey, alerting me to allow the quiet to overcome the disquiet. 

In the quiet, I can hear what is being broadcast by way of my leaden feet, or heavy heart. 



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