After I wrote my last post, (in which I spoke of my dialogue with Mary taking six months and producing the books taking two years) I realized that I may have made it sound as if the revelation was “over” after that initial six months. It wasn’t. It was just different.

This is a good time to realize the many distinct flows that “your” holy reception of a work brings to “you.” The inspiration that comes from your receptivity as you read, your dialogue as you speak and listen, your states of being day-to-day—of openness or dreaminess or fatigue—all bring you different insights. I’m the same. We feel affected differently from the same words. The words stay with us as more than words. 

Experience is “the start.” Inspiration is an experience. I know you’ve felt it when reading A Course of Love, and newly on reading it “again.” It is the continuation of the flow, revealing something new unceasingly.

People who never understood me reading A Course in Miracles seven times didn’t understand about this flow, or how the flow of the first reading affected the flow of the second and the second of the third, and on and on.

The same is true as a writer. Yes, a particular flow will come to rest—for a while—and then begin again. Yes, manifesting is the push of the inspiration out into the world where it is the beginning of new life by way of being read. Where there is interaction. Where New dialogues occur.

But the insights of the rest are there too. Rest is not an end. It is often a new beginning.

No Holy One has ever said, “The End.”

As creators—creators now, of The New—we too, are never to say, “The End.”