Dear Friends,

In my life, there are two births going on. Maybe more than that! But I’ll mention only two! One is the “labor” of the next book of the Way of the Marys series. “Memoria” is at the designers now and I am taking a break so that I can both enjoy the season and give my full attention to the final months before the birth. “Memoria” has been a long labor.

I wrote the content of my dialogue with Mary in about six months. That dialogue contains “Mirari,” “Memoria,” and the third (slightly unfinished) book, which will be called “Metanoia.” “Memoria” alone is coming in at 500 pages! It’s felt every bit like a 500-page book in its labor (i.e. production)! Only the birth (manifesting) is yet to come.

Yet all of that was given in six months! Contrast that with the year it took me to get Mirari: The Way of the Marys edited and published, and it says something unprecedented about the divine flow. It is truly amazing to me how quickly and fluently this dialogue with Mother Mary was given and received. 

The books of A Course of Love (Course, Treatises and Dialogues) took a year each. They were denser books and yet it is still one of the miracles of this “flow,” especially as I was working in our family-owned coffee shop two of those years! (When I’m done with “Memoria,” I am going to bring out a newly discovered memoir that I wrote during the “time of receiving A Course of Love.” I’d forgotten about it. When I found it again, I liked it . . . amazingly! After I shared it with two friends who also liked it, I thought, ‘Well, I’ll publish that next, since it’s already done, and take my time with the final book of Mary’s trilogy.’ So that’s the idea I have for the next couple of years of my life!)

Writing makes me so happy! I love the writing life and feel so blessed by it. You may not know this, but all I ever wanted to be was a writer. The possibility that I will spend the next decade or so doing that, fills me with joy. The joy comes from being who I am here to be . . . being “who I am.” And it comes from the inner knowing that this work will be fruitful for many.

This is what I see the whole of our Holy messages to be: requests, urgings, witnessing, prompting, and a few admonishments, all saying: BE WHO YOU ARE. When we are who we are, we are participating in our own creation and manifestation!

While I’m taking my time off, my creative partner for all things “web” will continue to post Musings that I’ve prepared for you—all on BEING WHO YOU ARE. Interspersed there’ll be a few updates on the progress of “Memoria” and when it will be available. Another will announce a new posting that will be going up on The Jesus Chronicles. If you haven’t yet discovered The Jesus Chronicles, take a look. These are over a decade of non-published exchanges with Jesus that I selected for sharing. The one forthcoming will be a “first” in that it was a message I received for my friend Christina Strutt. She has offered it for sharing. Although it was received years ago, the timing feels perfect. I can’t imagine many who will not find something relevant in it. I have found that all our messages from our Holy Ones transcend time! And, although personal to Christina, it is also universal (another quality of our holy messages). When Christina reminded me of it and shared it with me, I was so pleased at finding it “newly.” There’s nothing, more fulfilling than that! It’s like holding creation in your hands. 

I feel the power of creation so strongly in these books that I birth. With any awaited book, there is a sense, when it arrives, of counting “fingers and toes,” feeling its weight, smelling its smell. 

The birth metaphor is so apt for this time! The wish every parent feels in that moment of meeting a new arrival is the same as that of every creator, the same as I still feel about my work with Jesus and Mary. Just like your children, you want your creation. . . (or book) to be what it was given to be. That’s where the flow is. That is what causes the impact we feel. That’s where knowing and being known happens. . . when what “it” is, in its essence, joins with who “you” are, in your essence. It happens in the reader as well as the writer. There’s nothing else desired, nothing else to be.

Mother Mary, having birthed Jesus into the world, has such a great desire to help us be who we are here to be.  Together. . . let’s do that! Maybe the Holy words given on “being who you are” (mainly from ACOL but with a few from Mary thrown in) will engender your birth in all your own unique glory! And maybe you’ll be too busy to visit during this season as you give as you were given to. Giving and receiving is a reminder as powerful as any words.

With great love and faith “in you,” ~


(In the glorious days sure to come when the pandemic ends, I will invite you to come visit me. I’ll set aside time for individuals and groups, and we’ll be who we are . . . together!)