I wouldn’t have “Memoria,” readied for publication if it weren’t for uniting with Michael Mark for its editing. We . . . Michael and I, and we, “all of us,” join together to compliment and complete any new creation. It’s not just about a creation such as a book. It’s part of our journey on this planet. It’s part of who we are, the way we were fashioned, by our Creator, to be creators.

We each have our own ways of being and have had revealed to us that “the power of being,” is the power to individuate the Self. “This is power and the source of power. The power to be who you are. This is the force of creation, the only true power.” ACOL Day 33.14

We each have our own ways to “rise” to this challenge of creation. In “Mirari” we’re asked to “Hide no more beneath sleep’s blankets,” and to “rise to love. To be who we are is to ‘be’ the risen love.” P.127

In our dialogue in “Memoria,” we reveal that our “personhood” remains the reference point. Our personal identity is our means of orientation, our way of knowing and being known in the glory of Being. Life flows from this union. 

When we’re in that flow, we’re being who we are here to be.