Musings will offer contemplations from Mirari: The Way of the Marys from now until Easter.


Three years ago, when I began Mirari: The Way of the Marys, I felt rather disoriented, and remained so. As part of this, I did little in my usual way, and in Spring of 2019, came to realize the nearness of Holy Week only a day or two before its start. Lent had sailed right by me. Realizing this, Mary said to me: 

Once, these days of the calendar directed your life. The feasts of the Church directed your life. There was a way of “ordering” as you saw when Advent began your ordering of A Course of Love. You did not know it, but there it was, the time of the coming of Christ was upon you. P. 183

A day ago, you could not quite remember where you were in the church’s year and by the evening of the day you felt moved to observance of Holy Week. You passed from confusion and unknowing of “what day it was” into a knowing of your desire to be in remembrance of Holy Week—for a reason, a cause—to feel the quickening. You spoke this realization even though it did not feel like a decision you had made. It was not. P. 186


Mary spoke of my sudden remembrance as a quickening, and as a decision I did not make. This year it is sharing this week with you, that “came” by way of a decision I did not make. Suddenly it was just in me as a desire to observe Holy Week by sharing it in this way.

The quickening comes with the arrival “in you,” the arrival of the Word as “living truth.” Where is it living? In you. “In you,” the Word no longer “represents.” It is “present.” The living Word enlivens . . . you. That is the quickening. The quickening is that which enlivens. That which brings new life is the quickening “in” yourself, “of your Self.” Mirari, The Way of the Marys, P. 187

We are now together to herald The New Advent, to provide signals of The New, the Second Coming. But like with prophecy, there is a continuum. The coming is an arrival and a continuum from which parts cannot be separated. It is to end to begin again as well as to continue. We persist on the palm strewn path of Christ Consciousness. We welcome, now, the Corpus Christi, the consciousness that abides within the flesh itself. Mirari, The Way of the Marys, P. 93


I invite you to contemplate the quickening, the arrival of Christ Consciousness as it abides in you. What do you “known not” in the way of old? Have you recognized when you are moved to “do” without an act of decision? Has The New come to abide within you, as consciousness within the flesh itself?


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