A Way of Creation Known as Love


I said in a Musing, a time or two back, that I wrote the whole of The Way of the Marys in six months. That was inaccurate. I wrote the whole of “Memoria,” the second book (due to be released in February), in six months. Memoria is over 500 pages, so it is still an enormous feat. The ease of the receiving allows the work to come quickly, and the manifesting, with all its attention to detail, takes twice as long. My only excuse for misspeaking is that I’ve been working so long on preparing this second book, “Memoria,” for publication. 

Due to this, I’m sharing a wonderful passage from Memoria, and, as my New Year’s wish, hope to convey how much love, as always, is the answer, even the answer to creating The New.


For the love of God, we make love.

Love, in “this world,” is our creation of love in this world. It is all about Love. Love is the heartbeat of the world that is being restored through a way of creation known as Love.

Love in this world is never a singular creation. We all came to earth with love. We all seek to partner with each other in our humanity to create new love on Earth. Our creation is an appeal from attribute-less being, to create the glory of attribute-laden being. 

Being in form.

Now we restore the joy of being. The wonder. Mirari. Here we return the presence of being, the memory of it. Memoria.

We do this through personification. A person is a human “being,” and has been a third way that unites the human and divine nature. 

Your “personhood” remains the reference point. “Your personal identity” is your means of orientation, your way of knowing and being known in the glory of Being. This is a declaration: 


If you trust in who you are being, you do not “have to” do any thing . . . except 

be who you are. . .        

 Life will flow from your trust in union “and” relationship, and in being who you are here to be.


Memoria: The Way of the Marys, p. 491