A Dialogue on Mary of Nazareth’s Way of Mary



OMemoria  . . .  And Being a book Person


For a writer, a book’s publication is a birth. After going through the time of conception and gestation the long labor commences. You don’t want your book coming out until it’s ready, but you are always ready before it is! 

As we hear in Day 34 of The Dialogues, We are “the virgin, the pregnant, the birth, and the new life.” And this is “the way of the world as well as the way of creation.” I have felt it all in this overture to the birth of this second book of the Way of The Marys series! I hope you’ll share the joy with me soon. If you’re waiting for the book version, you can check out Memoria’s cover and “look inside the book” on Amazon, or you can find covers and quotes for both Memoria and Mirari on the Way of Mary website: Mirari and Memoria

For those of you who like reading on your phone or Kindle, the Kindle edition is on sale here: Memoria: The Way of the Marys

When I sent “Memoria” out for typesetting and design I had hoped for a January publication. While I thought I was ‘almost there’ that whole month, I adjusted, accepting a February completion. I then hoped for 2.22.22. Last week I thought I’d have a proof in my hand by today and started thinking 3.22.22. Now, the book won’t arrive for proofing until next week and I’ve given up the idea of a memorable date. But I can’t help it that I need to fix these dates in my mind just as I do birthdays. My books are my offspring.

On the day the proof of “Mirari” was to arrive, I spent almost the whole day in the living room, watching out the window for it. I spoke to a few friends on the phone and paced around a lot. It wasn’t until nine o’clock p.m. that I saw the truck pull up. I ran out without even putting my coat on and the delivery guy smiled at me as if he understood my excitement.     

I am a book person! 

I loved “being with Mirari” for the next few days, and although I still found a couple of my own human errors, the printer had gotten it right, and she made it out before February drew to a close.  

On Sunday, we enter the season of Spring. I am pleased that I can say Memoria will be a Spring book! I hope you will look forward to Memoria just as you do to Spring. What a nice association that would be!

I’ll announce the birth here and invite you to share the news!


M E M O R I A:  T H E  W A Y  O F  T H E  M A R Y S

All who take in our words, who share in this dialogue, will look back newly to go forward newly.