As I look out the cabin window at the sun’s rising, I recognize, a “receptive time” when it is with me.  This isn’t extraordinary to me after all these years, but it means I miss it terribly when my receptive  time leaves me. 

 “Receptive time” is a legacy different than “ordinary time.” In our dialogue, Mother Mary called it “an ancient art.” 

She and I spoke of it in one of our early dialogues:

“You awaken from a dreamless, intermittent sleep and return to the cabin to be with me, recognizing a receptive time when it is with you. You recognize when time is with you in a way “other than” that of ordinary time. You have long been thus and are well practiced in this ancient art that so few recognize.” 36

Writing is where I feel most compelled to be true to myself because it arises from a place within me where being true is all I can be. Each of us have a place, or a space, an inner chamber, where this is so. Each of us have secure inner rooms from which we will create The New. 

This has been a potent time of discovery and rediscovery for many of us. A time of finding that openness that has no location yet takes us in a new direction.

You might not think of these moments as “receptive” or even less as “receptive  time.” But as you and I realize that time is “different,” we will concede that it is dawning  first “within.”  Dawn will stand at the intersection of giving and receiving . She will offer an unexpected turn. Bewilderment may arise. At such times, source unknown, you ask:


Where did that thought come from?

Next time that happens, receive, and be glad!

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